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Yacht Transport Methods:

Here at Yacht Exports, we combine resources and assets from across the globe in order to accomplish all your yacht shipping goals. Our Yacht Transport Methods are uniquely orchestrated for the safety of each vessel and the optimal time and cost efficiency for each project. Using every venue and technology available, we offer an almost unlimited array of yacht transport methods to accommodate any yacht size, shape, weight and transport requirements.

Yacht Transport Methods include:

Semi-submersible carriers allow heavy yachts & vessels to simply be floated over the submerged portion of the carrier and secured for transport.
Float-On/Float-Off Ships Click HereLearn more
Float-On / Float-Off Ships
Cranes and derricks are used to load and offload yachts and boats over the top of cargo ships.
Lift-On/lift-Off Ships Click HereLearn more
Lift-on/lift-off Ships
Your boat is carefully placed on a trailer, towed onto the cargo ship and driven off when it arrives at your destination.
Roll-On/roll-Off Ships Click HereLearn more
Roll-on/roll-off Ships operations use ramps
With no height restrictions, transporting your boat on the main deck of the cargo ship, allows for optimal maneuverability.
Roll-On/roll-Off Ships Click HereLearn more
Deck Cargo
Trailers, tow-trucks, and specialized carriers will pick up your boat at your door and deliver it to your desired marina or dock.
Inland Boat TransportationLearn more
Inland Boat Transportation
Securely placing your smaller boat in a container to be shipped by land or sea.
Containerized ServicesLearn more
Containerized Services
Custom-built shipping cradles for the perfect hull support of your vessel.
Boat Shipping CradlesLearn more
Boat Shipping Cradles

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